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Readers Find a New, Wholesome Solution to Depression in Dr. Gregory Jantz’s Book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression

Depression affects millions of people worldwide, and the number of new diagnoses rises each year. Instead of offering vague self-help advice, Dr. Gregory Jantz provides a more holistic and comprehensive approach to lessening the effects and symptoms of depression. Dr. Gregory Jantz is a leading author of self-help books after researching and helping people overcome their diverse troubles for decades. He’s […]

Dr. Gregory Jantz

Dr. Gregg Jantz Coaches Parents Through the Anxieties of the Smartphone Generation

Dr. Gregory Jantz, a pioneer in holistic care with decades of experience under his belt, tackles the heavy subject of parenting kids with smartphones in his book Ten Tips for Parenting the Smartphone Generation. Smartphone use, as Dr. Gregg Jantz shows us, is a leading cause of anxiety and depression, and an opportunity for parents to help out. Something […]