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Book Seven Answers for Anxiety by Dr. Gregg Jantz (1)

Book Seven Answers for Anxiety by Dr. Gregg Jantz

Readers Benefit from Dr. Gregg Jantz’ Revolutionary Approach to Care in his Book Seven Answers for Anxiety


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Dr. Gregg Jantz

Dr. Gregg Jantz has helped thousands of people overcome common issues like depression, stress, eating disorders and more through presentations and a series of easy-to-read self-help texts. In his book Seven Answers for Anxiety, Dr. Jantz teaches readers how to overcome worry and live a peaceful, wholesome life.


Author and speaker Dr. Gregg Jantz encountered many patients in his early career who were unsatisfied with their lives––whether from anxiety, stress, depression or the like. He worked diligently alongside them to uncover the source of their problems and taught them how to live more peacefully over time.


In those early days, Dr. Gregg Jantz picked up on the trend of people taking pills and prescription medication to solve all their problems. He quickly understood that this one-size-fits-all approach to care wasn’t the solution, as many of his patients felt unsatisfied with prescription results. Through years of research, he developed the “whole-person care” approach to wellness, which takes into account many aspects (such as emotional, physical, nutritional, and spiritual well-being) to fix issues at their source.


Dr. Gregg Jantz funnels his decades of research and discovery, as well as his unique approach to care, into his lectures and his over 30 published books. In Seven Answers for Anxiety, he approaches one of the most widespread concerns today.


Dr. Greg Jantz Provides Real Solutions Through Simple Steps.

“When anxiety takes over, you are propelled out of the realm of the probable and into the improbable,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “Anxiety accelerates the common into the cataclysmic at rapid speed.  Anxiety, then, is produced not by what you actually experience but what you tell yourself; your thoughts determine your reality.”


He explains that if your mind is caught up in a storm of anxiety and worry, then that’s what your reality will inevitably be. Anxiety is likely to hold people back from doing things they love or even keeping up with basic needs. It prevents people from finding happiness.  


“Anxious people spend a great deal of time in the what-if world,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “Once anxiety is triggered, a person can go from zero (calm) to sixty (panicked) in seconds, generally through a series of rapid-fire inner questions with correspondingly dire answers.”


In his book, Dr. Jantz attempts to steer people away from this “what-if” world and to address the real problems affecting their peace of mind. He begins by telling readers how the most popular methods of resolving anxiety may not be so effective after all, and that managing by medicating isn’t a solution for everyone. But a solution anyone can benefit from is figuring out how to identify root causes of anxiety so they can permanently break free of their oppression.

Seven Answers for Anxiety breaks down the process of ridding anxiety in trusted and practical steps that are easy to follow and highly-effective at combating worrying thoughts. Through this book and others, Dr. Gregg Jantz teaches readers to take hold of their lives and to address the root problems holding them back from being their best selves.


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