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Dr. Gregg Jantz Offers On-Site Treatment to Patients at The Center, A Place of Hope

Dr. Gregg Jantz Offers On-Site Treatment to Patients at The Center, A Place of Hope


A pioneer in wellness and care, Dr. Gregg Jantz has dedicated decades of his career to exploring the root causes of patients’ unhappiness and developing holistic solutions. To apply his vision for care on a larger scale, Dr. Jantz founded The Center, A Place of Hope, which is recognized today as one of the most effective facilities for treating a range of common issues such as depression and anxiety.


Dr. Gregg Jantz Offers On-Site TreatmentDr. Gregg Jantz began his career treating patients suffering from eating disorders and working alongside them to discover the root causes of their issues. Early on, he discovered a disconnect in the treatment options available to his patients and that many were dissatisfied with prescription medications alone. He explored broader topics (such as depression, addiction, and other disorders) that could be potential root causes to his patients’ suffering and resultantly developed a multidisciplinary treatment approach that considers the entire person instead of their individual symptoms.


After years of research and treatment, Dr. Gregg Jantz brought together world-class professionals to help transform patient lives at a central location. From this, The Center, A Place of Hope was born.


The Center is located in Edmonds, Washington just 20 minutes north of Seattle and very near to the shores of the Puget Sound. It’s a wellness center that treats common issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders (including bulimia, anorexia, and compulsive eating), PTSD, OCD, anger management issues, marital, parent/child and familial relationships, sexual, emotional and physical abuse among many others.  


“At The Center, patients from across the country and around the world find professional, personalized help to overcome their unique obstacles thanks to our mission to provide whole-person care,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz.


Whole-person care was designed to provide patients with long-lasting results catered to their individual needs.

Treatments focusing on whole-person care take into account elements such as physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, and intellectual needs to arrive at a tailored solution. In this way, patients can work through all the components of their life that potentially contribute to their current condition, and the result is a long-term and more complete recovery.


Treatment at The Center is delivered by a caring and talented team of professionals that include licensed medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, dieticians, and clergy. The Center also employs mental health counselors, chemical dependency counselors, fitness trainers, and registered nurses among others to provide comprehensive care.


Patients simply check into The Center and are entrusted to Dr. Gregg Jantz and the exceptional medical professionals who deliver real results through the program. Those receiving treatments stay in modern, condominium-style housing which includes living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and personal decks or patios for relaxing. Patients need only attend on-site treatments throughout their stay.


Dr. Gregg Jantz and his team at The Center, A Place of Hope work diligently to meet patient needs and have crafted an end-to-end treatment procedure that provides lasting results so patients can live their lives to the fullest.

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