Dr.Gregg Jantz
Dr. Gregg Jantz Trains Readers to Manage Their Anxiety and Stress

Dr. Gregg Jantz Trains Readers to Manage Their Anxiety and Stress Through His Renowned Book Series

Relief Anxiety and Stress Through Dr. Gregory Jantz Renowned Book Series

Relief Anxiety and Stress Through Dr. Gregory Jantz Renowned Book SeriesThrough decades of research and published work, Dr. Gregg Jantz helps those who suffer from anxiety and stress by teaching them techniques to manage symptoms. In his books, readers learn tips and tricks to attain lasting peace by way of a succinct and easy-to-read narrative.


Dr. Gregg Jantz pioneered “whole-person care,” which considers more than just a topical problem and instead seeks to improve multiple facets of an individual’s life. This can include proper sleep and nutrition, positive lifestyle habits, spiritual and emotional well-being, and healthy exercise. Through his comprehensive approach, Dr. Jantz seeks to improve many areas of his readers’ lives instead of providing a temporary bandage to just one of their symptoms.


“Top-level symptoms may all be caused by a single underlying factor,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “Whole-person care seeks to resolve most underlying issues by targeting and improving a range of lifestyle facets.”


After establishing a reputation for himself as a self-help guru and an inspirational guest speaker, Dr. Gregg Jantz penned a handful of life-changing books that focus on symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and related negative conditions. He’s authored titles such as Six Steps to Reduce Stress and Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear. In these books, he shares what he’s learned about these conditions over three decades of research and how best to fight back their negative symptoms.


For those interested in Dr. Gregg Jantz’s teachings, he shares a few tips here from his work on defeating anxiety:


Jantz Take on Foursquare Breathing

Foursquare Breathing is an exercise that people who stress and hyperventilate can use to gain back control of their breathing and heart rhythms. Dr. Gregg Jantz highly suggests the exercise for its simplicity and it’s proven effectiveness to regulate the body during an episode. The exercise is done by breathing in for a count of four, holding your breath for a count of four, taking four counts to release your breath, and then taking another four before starting again. People who are prone to panic attacks and anxiety can benefit from doing around ten repetitions of the quick exercise, he says.


“Anyone can use Foursquare Breathing to regain control of their breath, and it’s very effective at calming people down,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “It’s a little trick anyone who suffers from anxiety should practice to achieve scientific results––no prescription needed.”


Finding a Happy Place with Dr. Gregg Jantz

Dr. Gregg Jantz encourages readers to find their happy place by escaping to a quiet room for a brief break, summoning up a peaceful, comfortable setting in their imagination and focusing on it while breathing slowly for around ten minutes. He also suggests listening to relaxing music or natural sounds at the moment to enhance the exercise’s effects.


In his books, Dr. Jantz advocates various ways of unplugging from stressful situations as well as new forms of stretching the body to force it to relax. Interested readers can visit Dr. Gregg Jantz’s website to read excerpts and articles on related subjects to gain a better understanding of his writing style. There, they’ll also find celebrated books for purchase on topics ranging from stress and anxiety topics to eating disorders and parenting in the age of smartphones.


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