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Gregory Jantz Ph.D. - 5 Keys to Dealing with Depression

Gregory Jantz Ph.D. Explores Happiness and the Causes of Depression in His Book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression

Gregory Jantz Ph.D. Explores Happiness and the Causes of Depression in His Book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression

A pioneer in comprehensive care and self-help, Gregory Jantz PhD shares his decades of research and experience dealing with issues like anxiety, stress, and eating disorders. In his book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression Dr. Jantz explores what depresses us and how we can achieve happiness through a few simple steps.


Gregory Jantz Ph.D.
Gregory Jantz Ph.D.

Thousands of people around the world have benefited from the research and teachings of the esteemed Gregory Jantz Ph.D., overcoming crippling issues without extraneous effort. His narratives are straightforward and easy to read, leaving little room for confusion or useless fluff. He is able to share his knowledge with more people this way and ensure his innovative approach to care is easily understood.


“The whole-person approach looks closely at the physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual factors involved in depression,” says Dr. Jantz. “Understanding the complete picture of an individual’s depression leads to effective whole-person solutions.”


After uncovering multiple factors causing harm in an individual’s life and being dissatisfied with traditional solutions, Gregory Jantz Ph.D. began teaching on the comprehensive “whole-person” care. His books approach many different topics but all center around the idea that a person can change a few core aspects of their lives to improve their entire wellbeing. In his book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression, Dr. Jantz converts his teachings into a simple list of insightful topics to help anyone suffering from depression overcome their struggle.


Dr. Jantz urges individuals suffering from depression––as well as those interested in helping others suffering from depression––to recognize the signs and symptoms. By picking up on common indicators, depression can be avoided or sidetracked far enough in advance to have less of an impact on the sufferer.


Mild indicators of depression include increased irritability or impatience, feeling tired or restless often at work, fear of expressing strong emotions, constant anxiety over the future, and feeling unappreciated, among others. Strong indicators, he explains, include a significant change in appetite (usually indicated in severe weight gain or loss), severe disturbances in sleep patterns, inability to concentrate and make decisions, and strong feelings of despair and loneliness, among others.  


Gregory Jantz Ph.D. translates decades of study into a simple and useful lesson that benefits all readers in Five Keys to Dealing with Depression. His work is both enlightening and practical, and his methods can immediately be introduced into readers lives without any extra costs or demanding rituals. He asks that individuals consider their relationships, both near and far, and look for underlying issues stacking up like dominoes against them. He covers work and explains how a career may shape your happiness–or at least your perception of happiness. In the end, he offers a quick and insightful study on depression and delivers comprehensive and easy-to-adopt solutions.


“As a detective, it is critical to be informed and persistent to discover the truth,” says Gregory Jantz Ph.D. “Throughout the journey to reach beyond depression, be aware of physical, emotional, spiritual factors and more that may be impacting the ability to sustain recovery.”


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