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Dr. Gregg Jantz Suggests Regulating Time Spent on Technology to Improve Happiness

Dr. Gregg Jantz Suggests Regulating Time Spent on Technology to Improve Happiness


Dr. Gregg Jantz - Improve Happiness
Dr. Gregg Jantz – Improve Happiness

When Dr. Gregg Jantz encountered more and more dissatisfied patients who were forced to undergo one-size-fits-all style treatments, he began work on his “whole-person” approach to care. Through this method, he can improve patients’ overall well-being by examining aspects such as emotional, physical, and spiritual health and offering wholesome solutions.


His teachings are known around the country for their easy-to-understand narratives and are available outside of his presentations through over 20 published books. Other important discussions, such as his approach to technology regulation, can be found in his blog articles. On this topic, Dr. Gregg Jantz discusses our unintended dependency on technology and how we can resolve it.


“I encourage you to confront your relationship with technology,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “In some ways, I had turned technology into a sort of idol. I was using technology to direct my life (and my work), to solve my problems, to distract me from difficulty, to provide entertainment and comfort. That was far too much power to give inanimate objects.”


Dr. Gregg Jantz has dedicated his decades-long career as a therapist, guest speaker, and author to help people overcome symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and more through a revolutionary approach to care. On his blog, he asks readers to be wary of the time they spend on technology and the relationships they inevitably build with it.

He considers all the technology we have at our disposal today such as smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, computers, and more. Each of these things occupies our attention throughout the day as we flip back and forth between websites, social media, emails, texts, movies, music streaming, etc.


When we’re bored, we tend to surf the web or tune into our favorite series. A good majority of today’s employees are dependent on computers to perform most (if not all) of their work duties. And that’s all before we examine our daily smartphone use.


“Once you understand where you want the relationship to go,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz, “you can start to create thoughtful reasons for the limits and rules you place around technology—limits and rules you can both explain to your children and keep yourself.”


Something he realized while studying the effects of technology on people was his own dependence on it, as well as his family’s. He realized that in order to positively alter the way his children interacted with technology, he needed to change his own habits first.


“What you say must match what you do,” he says. “Speech and action—both are vital to avoid double standards. We are the technology template our children duplicate.”


Dr. Gregg Jantz’s whole-person care is applied to many topics in his books, such as restoring marital relationships, overcoming stress, anxiety, and fear, and coping mechanisms for depression. You can find more of his teachings online and through his book series, available for purchase through his website.


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