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Dr. Gregg Jantz Coaches Readers to Face Their Fears in His Teachings on Anxiety and Stress

Dr. Gregg Jantz Coaches Readers to Face Their Fears in His Teachings on Anxiety and Stress


Dr. Gregg Jantz - Anxiety & Stress
Dr. Gregg Jantz – Anxiety & Stress

Dr. Jantz, the celebrated self-help author, and guest speaker encourages wellness through whole-person care, which means uncovering and defeating sources of depression, stress, and anxiety. In his books, he shares with readers a few effective methods of calming their worries, most notably how to face their fears.


Dr. Gregg Jantz has published many self-help books to help his readers overcome the everyday challenges that prevent them from being their best selves. He understands that problems can stack up to affect many areas of readers lives, so he encourages finding the core root of a problem and changing your mindset about it to truly eliminate the issue. His approach is called “whole-person care,” and he pioneered the subject after decades of research and practice.


“Whole-person care takes into account emotional aspects, physical aspects, spiritual aspects, and more to pinpoint the root of a problem,” Dr. Gregg Jantz says. “It covers all your basics. When you start to heal yourself this way, it has a broad-reaching effect and can improve all the other areas of your life just the way negative symptoms can harm it.”


In books like Six Steps to Reduce Stress and Turning Your Down into Up: A Realistic Plan for Healing From Depression, Dr. Gregg Jantz offers easy, effective methods of correcting negative symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. He enlists the help of mental and breathing exercises all in quick at-home techniques so that readers can work on improving themselves with as little effort required.


He frequently comes back to the idea of “facing your fears” in his teachings, which he believes is the only way of eliminating problems.


Advice from Dr. Gregg Jantz

“Your problems aren’t expecting you to turn around and face them head on; they would rather you wait and let them slowly drain your happiness,” Dr. Gregg Jantz says. “But when you face your fears, you find that many don’t actually come with any major risks as you expected.”


Dr. Gregg Jantz notes that our fears are usually monsters of our own making. They’re founded in fear rather than truth, and we tend to neglect the actual issues in our lives while focusing on self-made monsters. We’re distracted by the fear of a doctor, for example, and may disregard truly dangerous and growing diseases out of fear of discovering we have one.


He suggests that readers change their mindset, that they confront their fears and stare whatever it is they’re afraid of in the eye.


“Facing your fear means changing who you are, because up to this point you’ve been willing to live with your fear,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “You have allowed it to become part of who you are and define you. You’ve been trying to manage your fear instead of working toward relieving it all together. You allowed your fear to get bigger and your world to get smaller.”


Dr. Jantz asks that his readers find the strength and courage to face fears, and assures them they will live a fuller, more joyful life as a result. Fear, he says, can cause us to overlook the actual threatening or scary aspects of our lives. However, courage and persistence will help us to see threats for exactly what they are.

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