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Dr. Gregg Jantz Instructs Readers How to Improve Their Well-being in His Insightful Book Six Steps to Reduce Stress

Dr. Gregg Jantz Instructs Readers How to Improve Their Well-being in His Insightful Book Six Steps to Reduce Stress


Dr. Gregg Jantz - Profile Photo
Dr. Gregg Jantz – Profile Photo

After decades of research and practice, Dr. Gregg Jantz enlightens readers on tactful ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. In his book Six Steps to Reduce Stress, he delivers a quick, easy-to-follow guide to combat stress and improves overall well-being.


Dr. Gregg Jantz pioneered a new outlook on health called whole-person care three decades ago and has built up a wealth of knowledge on health awareness topics since. Focusing on subjects like anxiety and stress, Dr. Jantz helps lift people from their ruts and teaches them to take positive steps toward a happier, brighter future.


During an illustrious career, Dr. Gregg Jantz has published useful help books on topics like parenting in the smartphone generation and healing the scars of childhood abuse. His work is devoted to helping people change their lives and create new possibilities for themselves. While he covers a range of self-help topics, he acknowledges that the core of many individuals’ troubles is the burden of stress and fear.


“Fearing that you’ll underperform, stressing over everyday actions, these things ultimately hold people back from living their best lives,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz.


Stress causes physical reactions in the body that can lead to serious health conditions in the future, including (but not limited to) insomnia, high blood pressure, increased anxiety, muscle pain, and a weaker immune system. It’s common for people who stress to develop illnesses like heart disease, depression, and obesity.


There are plenty of life factors for people to stress over today, from money and relationships to work, aspirations, personal health, and self-image. The American Psychological Association tells us that around 75 percent of Americans encounter at least one symptom of stress a month, while many experiences far more.


In Dr. Gregg Jantz’s book, he outlines a handful of simple and effective tips to reduce the stress that can be applied to any lifestyle. His teachings pull from both Scripture and science, giving a wholesome and comprehensive answer to stress using sound advice and proven tips. In this way, readers can restore their self-confidence and improve themselves spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually––receiving whole-person care as Dr. Jantz intends.


While you’ll need to read the book to learn all the details of his six-step process, a major takeaway from Dr. Gregg Jantz’s teachings on stress is to accept the small things and the anxiety that comes with them.


“Accepting the small stuff means allowing events and people to act without assuming they are acting because of you,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “In a similar way, accepting the small stuff means accepting, in a large part, that events and people cannot be controlled, no matter how much you wish you could.  Accepting the small stuff means accepting that the only thing you have control over is you.”


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