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Dr. Gregory Jantz Offers 5 Easy Tips for a Happier Life

Renowned author and speaker Dr. Gregory Jantz has studied unhappiness in patients for decades and has helped them discover root sources of their depression as well as lasting resolutions. Here, he shares five simple tips with readers that can be easily implemented for a happier, healthier life. Dr. Gregory Jantz has helped patients from around the […]

dr. Gregory Jantz

Dr. Gregg Jantz Advocates Healthy Nutrition as Part of his Whole-Person Approach to Care

For decades, Dr. Gregg Jantz has worked with patients from across the globe to uncover the root source of their problems and determine a plan for healing. Pioneering the whole-person approach to care, Dr. Jantz tailors recovery plans for patients, relying on healthy nutrition in addition to other important factors to achieve lasting results. Dr. […]

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Dr. Gregory Jantz Prompts Readers to Defeat Their Worries by Uncovering Root Sources

Renowned speaker, author, and founder of The Center–A Place of Hope, Dr. Gregory Jantzhas spent his entire professional career helping people around the world overcome disorders and instability. He relies on a unique approach to care to help them bring to light the root causes of their negative issues, making them easier to defeat long-term. Dr. […]

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Dr. Gregory Jantz Addresses Depression and Shares Insightful Solutions in His Books and Teachings

Dr. Gregory Jantz has built a worldwide reputation for his insightful advice on healing and care, made public through volumes of published books and contributions to sources like the Huffington Post. He is renowned for helping patients across the globe overcome eating disorders, chronic anxiety, stress, and depression. Eating disorder specialist Dr. Gregory Jantz has spent decades researching […]

Dr. Gregg Jantz’s New Book Healing Depression for Life and Accompanying Workbook Arrive August 2019

Dr. Gregg Jantz’s New Book Healing Depression for Life and Accompanying Workbook Arrive August 2019

Dr. Gregg Jantz’s New Book Healing Depression for Life and Accompanying Workbook Arrive August 2019   Dr. Gregg Jantz has made a big impression on the lives of thousands of patients worldwide. Through his series of self-help books, Dr. Jantz coaches readers through issues like eating disorders, stress, and depression, the latest of which is […]

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Self-Help Author and Wellness Speaker Dr. Gregg Jantz Addresses Anxiety and Anger

Dr. Gregg Jantz has spent decades researching and working alongside thousands of patients to help them overcome issues such as depression, stress, eating disorders and more. Below, he addresses anxiety, the tendency for patients to resort to anger to empower them through stressful events, and the negative side effects this can have on individuals. With decades […]

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Renowned Author Dr. Gregg Jantz is Also the Founder of The Center, A Place of Hope

Dr. Gregg Jantz has penned a range of self-help books that explore meaningful topics such as overcoming anxiety and stress and defeating eating disorders. Besides lecturing and writing, he shares his vision of hope, peace, and healthy living through The Center, a Place of Hope in Edmonds, Washington. Dr. Gregg Jantz believes in a “whole-person” approach to […]