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Dr. Gregg Jantz - Technology Has Interfered with Our Relationships

Dr. Gregg Jantz Discusses How Technology Has Interfered with Our Relationships and How We Can Resolve It

Known around the world for his teachings on common disorders and whole-person care, Dr. Gregg Jantz shares his decades of insight through books, articles, guest lectures, and radio shows. Recently appearing on Life, Love, and Family, Dr. Jantz discussed the smartphone generation and how technology has altered relationships, especially in youth.


Dr. Gregg JantzDr. Gregg Jantz has had a tremendous impact on the lives of his patients through his profound understanding of conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders and more. With over three decades of dedicated research and practice, he’s developed a unique approach to care that helps people overcome the common issues preventing them from living their happiest and most productive lives.


He’s the author of 37 books and numerous articles that have been featured in publications such as the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Psychology Today. In addition, Dr. Gregg Jantz is the founder of The Center, A Place of Hope which has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading treatment centers for depression.


As a parent and spouse, one of the topics Dr. Jantz feels most connected to is technology and how devices such as smartphones have altered our relationships. Recently, he sat down for the Life, Love, and Family radio show to share some of his insight with listeners.


“What can happen in our new digital world is we get disconnected from our relationships,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “We have developed what is called ‘partial attention,’ and we’re living through life these days with our technology and our partial attention. And if we have partial attention, then we have partial distraction.”


He points out that children and teenagers are developing in two different ways: by growing up in reality and by growing up online through digital adolescence––through constant use of technology. With the increased use of smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, and other technologies comes a disconnect between the real world and the digital world. Youth, he explains, are creating online personas that differ from their typical attitudes or expressions in everyday life. They’re becoming invested in their online relationships to the point that they neglect their real-life relationships, and this can lead to severe depression.


Dr. Gregg Jantz’ solution is simple and can be introduced into any household.


“What we need is to build in regular times of technology detox, which allows us to look at the world in a different way,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “We develop these relationships with technology for a lot of reasons such as escapism, feeling safe, or staying in the loop. However, we should limit our family’s and our own time spent with technology so it doesn’t become a habit or a crutch.”


He reminds his audience how impressionable our children are and how they’re likely to model on our own habits of technology use. By setting aside time to be technology-free, we can build up our personal relationships again, improve our own well-being, and instill healthier habits in our families.

Dr. Jantz discusses limiting technology use in our households and how this specifically affects relationships with our children in his book Ten Tips for Parenting the Smartphone Generation.

dr. Gregory Jantz

Dr. Gregory Jantz Offers 5 Easy Tips for a Happier Life

Renowned author and speaker Dr. Gregory Jantz has studied unhappiness in patients for decades and has helped them discover root sources of their depression as well as lasting resolutions. Here, he shares five simple tips with readers that can be easily implemented for a happier, healthier life.

Dr. Gregory Jantz has helped patients from around the world attain happiness and positive well-being through his revolutionary approach to care. He’s spent decades learning about common disorders (such as depression and chronic stress) and tailoring individual plans for success for each of his patients.

“Happiness is not a feeling or an elusive emotion; it is, in fact, a practice and a lifestyle,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz. “While we can’t avoid disappointment, failure, pain, trauma, or loss, we can choose to show up in our lives each day practicing happiness.

To be happier, Dr. Gregory Jantz believes you can incorporate a few habits that most people usually overlook in their daily lives. The first is creating small pleasures or rediscovering those small things that used to make you happier before the pressures of life became too heavy. He suggests things like reading, taking camping trips, or even waking up a little earlier to enjoy the solitary cup of coffee in the morning.

He also suggests that people regularly engage in some form of exercise, looking for fun outlets (or finding ways to make exercise fun) to avoid feeling burnt out from a single routine. Dr. Jantz mentions that not every form of exercise has to be high-endurance or last for hours. Taking a walk with a friend a few times a week may be enough, or riding a bike around your neighborhood for ten minutes each day.

“Purpose and meaning in life often come through purposeful and meaningful relationships,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz. “I suggest you take inventory of your current relationships and seek to build three critical types of relationships in your life.”

The relationships he believes will help improve your happiness are those with someone older and wiser you can look up to, those with someone around your age who you can relate to, and those with someone younger who you can be a mentor to.

Dr. Gregory Jantz also suggests nourishing your body with healthy eating as often as you can. He asks his patients and readers to consume complex, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables each day to improve physical, mental, and emotional states.

Lastly, Dr. Jantz suggests adopting an attitude of gratitude to help achieve happiness. In a way, it’s a lifestyle change that allows people to see the brighter side of life each day, and it only takes a little work to achieve.

“Gratitude can be absolutely transformational,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz. “Shifting your perspective from playing the victim or constantly “taking” from life, to being grateful for each moment as it passes, can dramatically shift not only how you show up in life, but also how life shows up for you.”

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Dr. Gregg Jantz Advocates Healthy Nutrition as Part of his Whole-Person Approach to Care

For decades, Dr. Gregg Jantz has worked with patients from across the globe to uncover the root source of their problems and determine a plan for healing. Pioneering the whole-person approach to care, Dr. Jantz tailors recovery plans for patients, relying on healthy nutrition in addition to other important factors to achieve lasting results.

Dr. Gregg Jantz has helped thousands of patients attain peace and overcome  issues such as depression, chronic stress, eating disorders and more. He’s a world-renowned guest speaker as well as an author of over 30 self-help books and numerous blogs and articles. His work has appeared in some of the most widely-circulated publications such as the Huffington Post and Psychology Today, among others.

His research and practice is centered around whole-person care, which is an approach Dr. Gregg Jantz pioneered after encountering numerous patients who couldn’t find resolution in one-size-fits-all prescription medications. Instead of covering up problems by introducing foreign chemicals, his method examines a range of life factors to discover the root source of patients’ problems and their unique solutions.

He has proven that depression, one of the key focuses of Dr. Jantz’ practice, can be alleviated by helping the body correct nutritional deficiencies, by keeping up healthy sleeping patterns, by limiting calories, and more.

“In a whole-person treatment approach, the entire body is recognized as an important component in depression,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “The whole-person approach accepts the body as a complex organism and looks for systemic reasons for depression.”

Whether we understand it or not, nutrition plays an essential role in our overall well-being and can be a contributing factor to seemingly unlikely issues. The American Medical Association (AMA) has even recommended that adults take a multivitamin supplement each day to correct any slack in our diet.

“Life is stressful, with many demands on time and energy,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “Sometimes nutrition derived from a daily diet is not enough. If you don’t eat nutritious food in the first place, then you’re really operating from a deficit.”

He goes on to mention how overstimulating our bodies by drinking caffeine and eating large amounts of calories can create internal stress that make the everyday external stresses even more damaging. Prescription medications can also compromise the body’s ability to properly break down and use the nutrition we consume. Abusing laxatives, medications, drugs, and alcohol are also tremendous factors to poor nutrition.

Dr. Gregg Jantz is the founder of The Center, A Place of Hope which is a comprehensive treatment center in Washington state helping patients overcome a range of issues through whole-person care.

“We use a variety of specialized nutritional products [at The Center] to help bring people back up to optimum nutritional levels,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “The results in health are very gratifying and are a significant part of our intensive recovery programs for a variety of mental-health and chemical-dependency issues.”

However, Dr. Jantz encourages his audience to first take recovery into their own hands right at home by implementing useful nutrition such as a daily multivitamin or Omega-3 supplements.

“Omega-3s are really good for you, with a whole host of benefits,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “A healthier, happier you may be as simple as correcting poor nutrition with dietary supplements like Vitamin D, Omega-3, and magnesium.”

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Dr. Gregory Jantz Prompts Readers to Defeat Their Worries by Uncovering Root Sources

Renowned speaker, author, and founder of The Center–A Place of Hope, Dr. Gregory Jantzhas spent his entire professional career helping people around the world overcome disorders and instability. He relies on a unique approach to care to help them bring to light the root causes of their negative issues, making them easier to defeat long-term.

Dr. Gregory Jantz has spent decades with patients from near and far who struggle with disorders and don’t find relief from prescription medication. Dr. Jantz discovered the one-size-fits-all prescription often fails to meet patient expectations or else only creates new problems to hide the first with. To help, he pioneered his own all-inclusive approach to care that has revolutionized the lives of people across the globe without the need for costly or harmful medication.

Dr. Jantz has appeared on internationally syndicated news stations (such as CNN and FOX) and his work has appeared in reputable publications such as Psychology Today, Women’s Day, and the Huffington Post. Most notable of all, he was the founder of the world-renowned treatment facility The Center–A Place of Hope that treats a range of common disorders through an immersive healing program.

“Treatment at The Center is provided by a caring, talented group of licensed medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, dieticians, and clergy,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz. “We only staff the best and most professional team members so our clients can benefit from top-level care.”

At The Center, patients receive individualized care under the direction of Dr. Gregory Jantz’s unique approach. Titled “whole-person care,” this approach takes into consideration various components of an individual’s life including physical, emotional, nutritional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being, and it helps people uncover the negative instigators in their lives. He’s adamant that uncovering these inciting factors, no matter how big or small, is the first step to lifelong recovery. And once the causes are identified, Dr. Gregory Jantz teaches patients how to minimize their effects and how to replace negative habits with healthier, more mindful options.

Worry, anxiety, and stress affect millions of people worldwide and prevent them from living truly happy or satisfying lives. Dr. Jantz seeks to help people defeat their fears and overcome hurdles and hindrances using an individualized path to success created for each patient’s unique circumstance, steering away from the traditional prescription resolution wherever possible.

“More people are being diagnosed with depression, more of them are being given medication, and fewer are receiving counseling,” warns Dr. Gregory Jantz. “The whole-person approach is being replaced by the promise of a “magic pill” which tends to fall short of expectations.”

Dr. Jantz hopes to defeat the common perception that prescription medication is the only answer to all mental health concerns. In its place, he asks patients to go on a journey of self-discovery and uncover root problems through programs like The Center offers, and through his dozens of books and blog articles made available today online.

Dr. Gregory Jantz | Overcoming An Eating Disorder

Dr. Gregory Jantz Helping People Overcome and Heal from Eating Disorders

Dr. Gregory Jantz’s Teachings and Books are World-Renowned for Helping People Overcome and Heal from Eating Disorders

Doctor Gregory Jantz has established a solid reputation for his ability to help individuals overcome struggles through his teachings and his series of easy-to-read self-help books. While he often focuses on anxiety, stress, and depression, Dr. Jantz is an expert on eating disorders, their notable causes, and methods for defeating and healing them.

Dr. Gregg Jantz
Dr. Gregg Jantz

Dr. Gregory Jantz is unique in his approach to healing, namely that he looks into more than just one immediate cause or a single element of a person’s struggles. Through his methods, Dr. Jantz uncovers underlying issues that can prevent happiness in the future and begins the healing process with a comprehensive approach. He’s termed this style of healing “whole-person care” because he takes into account things like emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual dimensions of healing.


“In a whole-person treatment approach, the entire body is recognized as an important component,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz. “Eating disorders are complicated and layered, so trying to solve the problem with a single solution doesn’t always do the trick.”


Early in his career, working with people who suffered from eating disorders, Dr. Gregory Jantz quickly discovered that there was a disconnect in the treatment options available to those individuals, and he worked to uncover natural and more effective ways of fighting back the disorder. His work revealed that patients often suffer from depression, addiction, and other disorders that can contribute to a string of other problems. As a result, he felt compelled to delve deeper in his studies and come up with a multi-disciplinary treatment approach that would care for the entire person instead of just treating the symptoms.


He’s a renowned teacher and public speaker, and he’s also penned a series of self-help books using “whole-person care” to transform the lives of readers internationally for years. His titles include Battles Men Face: Strategies to Win the War Within and Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear: Practical Ways to Find Peace. In addition, he’s translated research on eating disorders and their root causes into easy-to-read books such as Hope, Help, and Healing from Eating Disorders.


In this book, Dr. Gregory Jantz discusses the latest information on body image, food addiction, brain science, nutrition, and more to educate his readers and help them make more positive lifestyle habits. His book helps those who suffer as well as those who simply want to help others who are suffering, using a comprehensive and well-tested approach that addresses a range of helpful topics. In it, Dr. Gregory Jantz discusses nutritional keys to recovery, letting go of emotions like fear and guilt, tools for creating a binge-free life, keys to creating healthy relationships, and more.


“You can either stay huddled in the backseat, at the mercy of whatever pressure grabs the wheel at any given moment,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz, “or you can stop long enough to accept responsibility for your life and decide to drive it yourself.”

Gregory Jantz Ph.D. - 5 Keys to Dealing with Depression

Gregory Jantz Ph.D. Explores Happiness and the Causes of Depression in His Book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression

Gregory Jantz Ph.D. Explores Happiness and the Causes of Depression in His Book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression

A pioneer in comprehensive care and self-help, Gregory Jantz PhD shares his decades of research and experience dealing with issues like anxiety, stress, and eating disorders. In his book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression Dr. Jantz explores what depresses us and how we can achieve happiness through a few simple steps.


Gregory Jantz Ph.D.
Gregory Jantz Ph.D.

Thousands of people around the world have benefited from the research and teachings of the esteemed Gregory Jantz Ph.D., overcoming crippling issues without extraneous effort. His narratives are straightforward and easy to read, leaving little room for confusion or useless fluff. He is able to share his knowledge with more people this way and ensure his innovative approach to care is easily understood.


“The whole-person approach looks closely at the physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual factors involved in depression,” says Dr. Jantz. “Understanding the complete picture of an individual’s depression leads to effective whole-person solutions.”


After uncovering multiple factors causing harm in an individual’s life and being dissatisfied with traditional solutions, Gregory Jantz Ph.D. began teaching on the comprehensive “whole-person” care. His books approach many different topics but all center around the idea that a person can change a few core aspects of their lives to improve their entire wellbeing. In his book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression, Dr. Jantz converts his teachings into a simple list of insightful topics to help anyone suffering from depression overcome their struggle.


Dr. Jantz urges individuals suffering from depression––as well as those interested in helping others suffering from depression––to recognize the signs and symptoms. By picking up on common indicators, depression can be avoided or sidetracked far enough in advance to have less of an impact on the sufferer.


Mild indicators of depression include increased irritability or impatience, feeling tired or restless often at work, fear of expressing strong emotions, constant anxiety over the future, and feeling unappreciated, among others. Strong indicators, he explains, include a significant change in appetite (usually indicated in severe weight gain or loss), severe disturbances in sleep patterns, inability to concentrate and make decisions, and strong feelings of despair and loneliness, among others.  


Gregory Jantz Ph.D. translates decades of study into a simple and useful lesson that benefits all readers in Five Keys to Dealing with Depression. His work is both enlightening and practical, and his methods can immediately be introduced into readers lives without any extra costs or demanding rituals. He asks that individuals consider their relationships, both near and far, and look for underlying issues stacking up like dominoes against them. He covers work and explains how a career may shape your happiness–or at least your perception of happiness. In the end, he offers a quick and insightful study on depression and delivers comprehensive and easy-to-adopt solutions.


“As a detective, it is critical to be informed and persistent to discover the truth,” says Gregory Jantz Ph.D. “Throughout the journey to reach beyond depression, be aware of physical, emotional, spiritual factors and more that may be impacting the ability to sustain recovery.”


Dr. Gregory Jantz

Dr. Gregory Jantz Addresses Depression and Shares Insightful Solutions in His Books and Teachings

Dr. Gregory Jantz has built a worldwide reputation for his insightful advice on healing and care, made public through volumes of published books and contributions to sources like the Huffington Post. He is renowned for helping patients across the globe overcome eating disorders, chronic anxiety, stress, and depression.

Eating disorder specialist Dr. Gregory Jantz has spent decades researching various chronic issues and the roots of their problems in his patients. He pioneered “whole-person care,” a tactful approach to overcoming obstacles which address various life perspectives to uncover the source of patient issues. In this way, he’s helped thousands of people around the world heal and achieve positive change, allowing them to become the best versions of themselves.

For over thirty years, Dr. Gregory Jantz has carefully listened to his patients and contributed professional help that goes beyond prescription medicine, which he learned was often a disappointing one-size-fits-all solution. He’s the author of more than 30 self-help books with titles like Seven Answers for Anxiety, Hope & Healing from Emotional Abuse, and Ten Tips for Parenting the Smartphone Generation.

Dr. Gregory Jantz has gained a wide understanding of a range of health subjects, but he dedicates a bulk of his time to uncovering solutions for patients suffering from depression. His whole-person approach to care has proven to be a useful ally along the way.

“In a whole-person treatment approach, the entire body is recognized as an important component in depression,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz. “The whole-person approach accepts the body as a complex organism and looks for systemic reasons for depression.”

His research and treatments have helped him prove that the body doesn’t simply respond to depression; it’s an active participant and has the capacity to improve or worsen symptoms of depression with time. Through his whole-person approach, Dr. Gregory Jantz can examine emotional, environmental, physical, and spiritual factors that may contribute and find unique ways of mitigating the problem.

He’s published many articles on depression on his own blog as well as penned a series of books on the subject (which can be purchased through his website). On the topic of depression, interested readers will encounter full texts such as Five Keys to Dealing with Depression and Happy for the Rest of Your Life. Dr. Jantz is praised for his simple style and his easy-to-follow narrative, which ensures his work is accessible to the masses.

Later this year, Dr. Gregory Jantz will release Healing Depression for Life along with an accompanying workbook to help readers track and map out their progress. In this book, he coaches readers through their symptoms and “reveals the treatments, practices, and lifestyle changes that can provide lasting relief from depression.”

Dr. Gregory Jantz, through teachings, books, and his treatment facility The Center, A Place of Hope ensures that anyone suffering from symptoms of depression can readily find a personalized solution that fits their exact needs.

Dr. Gregg Jantz Offers On-Site Treatment to Patients at The Center, A Place of Hope

Dr. Gregg Jantz Offers On-Site Treatment to Patients at The Center, A Place of Hope


A pioneer in wellness and care, Dr. Gregg Jantz has dedicated decades of his career to exploring the root causes of patients’ unhappiness and developing holistic solutions. To apply his vision for care on a larger scale, Dr. Jantz founded The Center, A Place of Hope, which is recognized today as one of the most effective facilities for treating a range of common issues such as depression and anxiety.


Dr. Gregg Jantz Offers On-Site TreatmentDr. Gregg Jantz began his career treating patients suffering from eating disorders and working alongside them to discover the root causes of their issues. Early on, he discovered a disconnect in the treatment options available to his patients and that many were dissatisfied with prescription medications alone. He explored broader topics (such as depression, addiction, and other disorders) that could be potential root causes to his patients’ suffering and resultantly developed a multidisciplinary treatment approach that considers the entire person instead of their individual symptoms.


After years of research and treatment, Dr. Gregg Jantz brought together world-class professionals to help transform patient lives at a central location. From this, The Center, A Place of Hope was born.


The Center is located in Edmonds, Washington just 20 minutes north of Seattle and very near to the shores of the Puget Sound. It’s a wellness center that treats common issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders (including bulimia, anorexia, and compulsive eating), PTSD, OCD, anger management issues, marital, parent/child and familial relationships, sexual, emotional and physical abuse among many others.  


“At The Center, patients from across the country and around the world find professional, personalized help to overcome their unique obstacles thanks to our mission to provide whole-person care,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz.


Whole-person care was designed to provide patients with long-lasting results catered to their individual needs.

Treatments focusing on whole-person care take into account elements such as physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, and intellectual needs to arrive at a tailored solution. In this way, patients can work through all the components of their life that potentially contribute to their current condition, and the result is a long-term and more complete recovery.


Treatment at The Center is delivered by a caring and talented team of professionals that include licensed medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, dieticians, and clergy. The Center also employs mental health counselors, chemical dependency counselors, fitness trainers, and registered nurses among others to provide comprehensive care.


Patients simply check into The Center and are entrusted to Dr. Gregg Jantz and the exceptional medical professionals who deliver real results through the program. Those receiving treatments stay in modern, condominium-style housing which includes living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and personal decks or patios for relaxing. Patients need only attend on-site treatments throughout their stay.


Dr. Gregg Jantz and his team at The Center, A Place of Hope work diligently to meet patient needs and have crafted an end-to-end treatment procedure that provides lasting results so patients can live their lives to the fullest.

Dr. Gregg Jantz’s New Book Healing Depression for Life and Accompanying Workbook Arrive August 2019

Dr. Gregg Jantz’s New Book Healing Depression for Life and Accompanying Workbook Arrive August 2019

Dr. Gregg Jantz’s New Book Healing Depression for Life and Accompanying Workbook Arrive August 2019


Dr. Gregg Jantz has made a big impression on the lives of thousands of patients worldwide. Through his series of self-help books, Dr. Jantz coaches readers through issues like eating disorders, stress, and depression, the latest of which is set to release in August of this year.


Dr. Gregg Jantz’s New Book Healing Depression for LifeAn author of over 30 published self-help books on a range of topics, Dr. Gregg Jantz has helped people around the world identify the root source of their problems and coaches them to recovery. He’s spent decades researching on various health subjects and has come up with his own approach to treatment called “whole-person care.”


This method goes further than the typical prescription “resolutions” that fail hundreds of thousands of people around the world each year. Instead of a temporary bandage (which may cause negative side effects later in life), Dr. Gregg Jantz insists his patients and audiences must uncover the problem at the heart of their issue in order to find lasting happiness. The “whole-person care” approach takes many factors into account, including spiritual, emotional, and nutritional well-being to determine root causes of suffering. This revolutionary method of care has made his treatment center (The Center, A Place of Hope) one of the top 10 depression treatment facilities in the US.


His books have helped countless individuals find peace for years without expensive and potentially harmful medications. He’s published titles such as Six Steps to Reduce Stress, as well as Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear: Practical Ways to Find Peace, and Hope, Help, & Healing for Eating Disorders.


Dr. Greg Jantz Most Recent Work.

Due out in August of this year, is entitled Healing Depression for Life and will be published alongside an accompanying workbook that will help people create new habits and track their progress of change.


Depression affects millions of people around the world through various forms (from bipolar disorders to postpartum depression and everything in between), but Dr. Gregg Jantz has made depression one of his key topics of research and hopes to help patients who may not find resolution from prescription medication.


In Healing Depression for Life, Dr. Gregg Jantz draws on his innovative whole-person approach across a step-by-step narrative to help readers find relief from depression. He covers some of the most useful treatments, practices, and lifestyle changes that can instill a happier, more positive mindset for good. Dr. Gregg Jantz understands that depression affects people differently and can come about from any number of factors. In his book, he discusses depression at length with his audience and addresses its chemical, emotional, physical, intellectual, relational, and spiritual causes so people can discover root issues for themselves.


The accompanying workbook charts a 12-week course towards an improved life free from the battle of depression. Each week, readers will use the workbook to examine all the various causes of depression and create a personalized plan of success based on their individual medical history.

He’s a revolutionary leader with decades of research and treatment experience which he channels into his dozens of self-help books. And Dr. Gregg Jantz is thrilled to offer readers the next breakthrough in his life studies, and his audience can look forward to Healing Depression for Life later this fall (available for preorder now from his website).

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Self-Help Author and Wellness Speaker Dr. Gregg Jantz Addresses Anxiety and Anger

Dr. Gregg Jantz has spent decades researching and working alongside thousands of patients to help them overcome issues such as depression, stress, eating disorders and more. Below, he addresses anxiety, the tendency for patients to resort to anger to empower them through stressful events, and the negative side effects this can have on individuals.

With decades of experience under his belt, Dr. Gregg Jantz has built up a wealth of knowledge and answers for those struggling with common disorders. He’s the co-founder of The Center, A Place of Hope, which treats patients for a number of issues using the revolutionary “whole-person care” methods developed by Dr. Jantz.

Through “whole-person care,” patients can essentially learn more about themselves and how their disorders and issues may stem from long-buried problems. Dr. Gregg Jantz’s approach to care examines many aspects of a person’s wellbeing (such as emotional, nutritional, and spiritual health) and helps them discover root sources of their negative symptoms. “Whole-person care” was a direct response to the failing one-size-fits-all form of prescription medication that many of Dr. Jantz’s patients found either unhelpful or unsatisfactory.

Anxiety, one of the most widespread issues affecting adults today, is experienced by an estimated 31% of U.S. adults during their lives.1 Anxiety can be crippling, and it can cause people to turn to scapegoats like anger as a temporary resolution. But this can have many negative results on the individual, Dr. Jantz warns.

“Both anxiety and anger produce and use adrenaline,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “When that adrenaline is routed from anxiety to anger, the anxiety takes second position. Anger becomes predominant.”

Many people assume that anger is a big help in times of high anxiety, but Dr. Jantz warns that anger can have just as powerful negative results.

“Anger, like all short-term fixes, may divert you from feeling fear initially but leaves you susceptible in the long term,” Dr. Gregg Jantz adds. “The physical attributes of anger are much like those of anxiety; they are the fight-or-flight responses. Once the anger dissipates, the body is still in a heightened state, just waiting for the fear to reassert itself. Anger is not peaceful; it is not calming.”

This tendency to rely on anger can make people experience raging mental battles or else speak and act in ways they normally wouldn’t have. Anger can cause animosity between coworkers, between bosses and employees, between friends and family and more. Dr. Gregg Jantz warns that although anxiety makes you feel weak while anger can make you feel strong, people should mitigate anxiety by “flipping the script,” or using other healthy coping mechanisms.

“When anxiety tries to slip in some of its doom-filled pages, stop and do a quick read-through,” Dr. Gregg Jantz advises. “Determine what anxiety is trying to say. How does anxiety want you to act? Realize you are not obligated to follow anxiety’s stage directions. Instead, put big, bold Xs through anxiety’s pages.”

Interested readers can find more resolutions for anxiety from Dr. Gregg Jantz at his blog online, through his numerous guest speakings, and in his dozens of self-help books, such as the concise and powerful Seven Answers for Anxiety.